This was not in the job description.

I am experiencing an Alternate Universe week, where my Oncology Nursing job feels not so much like nursing, and my caregiver role for my father feels way too much like nursing.


Our Oncology Nurse Navigation team has been tasked with presenting a Survivorship Care Plan template to our IT support specialists. We have a plan in our computer charting system, but it needs to be updated and streamlined, with the goal of meeting national cancer accreditation standards, and presenting survivorship care plans to 100% of our breast cancer patients who were diagnosed in 2016 or after…
It’s a thing. A big, fucking, thing.


However, having recently been accused by my new manager of being a perfectionist, and having “extremely high” expectations of myself and others… I suppose it is, in a way, my cup of tea.

Meanwhile, there is my #eldercare role. This was from this morning:

Bob King Diaries; o2.23.2o17. 
Today is Bob’s son’s birthday. Also the anniversary of Bob’s son’s maternal grandmother’s death.
Historically, not always a great day for the Applegate-King people.
Round 2 with skin cancer lesion removal.
All handicapped parking spots at the clinic were full this morning. 
Bob appeared confused by directions to remove both overshirt and undershirt for suture removal on chest, and surgical procedure on his back.
Nurse Apple noticed that his pupils were unevenly dilated… wondering how things will go later in the afternoon, when she takes Bob in for an eye exam.
She stays in the room for the surgical prep; Bob looks to her each time the doctor or nurse asks him a direct question. It’s unclear if he is not hearing them, or not understanding their words.
He winces as the nurse places a cold grounding pad on his side. “This,” she explains, “is so you don’t get shocked when we cauterize the incision.”
“No,” Bob says, “I wouldn’t want that!”


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