Not a Marathon Nation

I dashed down these words in a despondent haze of fever and cold medicine the other day:

I’ve seen it with public schools, and I’ve seen it with serious illness. 
We are not a marathon nation
People don’t like long term serious problems. 
Ask any person you know who has a serious chronic illness. 
Sure, the first few years, people will turn out in droves to support you and your cause… but then you just become a drag. “You’re still sick?”
And now that our public school system is very seriously threatened… parents are ferocious, true.
And many of them will surprisingly easily do whatever it takes for *their* child: screw the pack.
This is where fear turns truly dangerous: when neighbor starts to turn against neighbor.
Not many Americans appreciate the concept of “Greater Good.”


The surge of activism we are seeing is truly raw, genuine, and yes: exhilarating.
And in a terrifying time, we need that.
We need unity and voice and strength.


I hope I continue to be pleasantly surprised. I hope that #45 and his gang of Bible Thumping Thugs eventually hear our voices outside their offices and in the streets.
I hope that children and spouses and strangers and neighbors will continue to join together.
We, as a nation, are not trained for this. We are not prepared. Our public schools, our healthcare system. Like it or not, we are vulnerable.

These photos are my glimmer of hope. I look at them everyday.
I feel the love, and the strength.




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