*And* Clean Underwear.


There will be more, lots more, written about clean undergarments later. But for today, I offer this:

That awesome feeling when you’re ON TIME to the early morning hospital admin meeting: your hair is still wet from the shower, but you know you’ve nailed this! You brushed your teeth, put deodorant on, AND you have not just a pair of underwear on, but CLEAN underwear!
You plop down next to some guy that you just met at yesterday’s early morning meeting, but cannot for the life of you remember his name.
Then, there:  Across the table. A woman who is in her 50s, but not drenched in sweat (so she must be done with menopause).
Her hair is not only clean, but styled. Her makeup expertly applied, she’s wearing a smart, fitted, business suit. And. A single strand of pearls.
You, are wearing a long black skirt with a comfortable, forgiving, waistband. It flows to your ankles to cover the hairy German-peasant-woman sturdy little legs that need a shave or a wax.
You also realize, glancing down, that your comfortable black Dansko clogs have little bits of mud, grass, and hay from the chicken coop on them.
But dammit, you made it! You are on time, and you’re sitting at the grownup table.
Clean underwear and all!


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