Chop, Chop! It’s a New Year!

I had thought about writing a Year in Review, and then the little part of me that is able to not dwell, fester, and agonize over things past said, “Chop, Chop! Let’s move along now!” like Mary Poppins, or some highly efficient 19th century schoolmarm.
In that spirit, I can happily record what to date may have been my best kickoff to a New Year in the history of ever. My personal best, anyway.


I’m a Quaker, but somehow the Quakers (surprisingly, really), aren’t noted for their BSN programs. So capital L Life led me to a Catholic nursing  school: the University of Portland.
I am eternally grateful for that experience, in countless ways. That being said, the biggest party favor thrown into the mix into the Special Kind of Hell that is nursing school, came in the form of my own personal, walking, talking, angel.
This is her with my son in 2011:


Meet Angie, the Eternal Optimist.
This amazing individual left Portland several years ago (bitch), to pursue a career in public health nursing (saint). She lives in Ontario, Oregon. Ontario is a splendid place and all, but don’t be confused; it bears absolutely no resemblance to Ontario, Canada. In fact, really its worst offense is that it took my best friend out of Portland and to the very border of Idaho. Whatever. What. Fucking. Ever.
In a rare flash of brilliance and pre-planning that actually panned out; I suggested that we meet for New Years halfway in the middle of Interstate 84, in Pendleton.
Somehow, someway, there was not a blizzard, there was not a Crohn’s flare, there was not a pet in the hospital, nor a human family member in need… WHOAH! … and we each landed safely at our destination.
Let me just start by saying that the Pendleton House B&B is hands down, the most lovely and comfortable B&B I have ever parked my weary self in.
Our hosts were warm, and welcoming, and genuine, and funny as all hell. They made us feel special, as if we had just entered into the home of some beloved long lost relatives. (Or maybe Angie just paid them extra on the side to make me feel that way. Either way, I was in a state of bliss for the entire stay.)


We drank wine, we ate amazing food. We walked for miles and miles in the  -4 degrees celsius weather. We walked to nice restaurants, and sketchy bars, and Circle K for hot coffee when nothing else was open. We had a fucking blast.


Magic happens when you least expect it sometimes.
Well, there is always magic when I am with Angie, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Just pleased. Just really fucking tickled that we were able to ring in 2OsixtEEn together.

With love, and best wishes for less cancer, and less Crohn’s, and healthy pets, and kittens and unicorns in the coming year,

~Nurse Apple. 










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