Guest post: Lumber the Gentle Hearted One

While Nurse Apple is taking a brief pause, we’re featuring a post from a special guest author: Lumber, the Gentle Hearted One. We hope you enjoy.

Hi, my name is Lumber. I’m 8 months old, I weigh 55 lbs, and if I stand up straight and tall on my back legs, I can just about look my mama in the eyes.
Today was a super fun day.
My papa was working at the store where they sell paint and garden supplies, and my mama had to go to her work for just a little while to learn about EPIC computer upgrades for Home Health Hospice. (Whatever in the world that means- I stayed home by myself and listened to classic rock and napped. One of my mama’s friends asked which classic rock band is my favorite… Three Dog Night, of course!)
Then my mama came home to get me and take me to the river to exercise me. She was hosting a gathering at our house tonight, and wanted me to be calm and relaxed on my best behavior when people came over to meet me.
This was such a great idea! My mama knows how much I love the big park.
I wasn’t in much of a swimming mood today though… today seemed like a good day for digging.
I’ve been in the house a lot recently; it felt really good to run and run and dig for treasure.
These photos were taken about an hour before my mama was supposed to have her people friends over… I had such a nice surprise because my papa showed up at the park to meet us so I could stay and play for a while longer.
By the time I finally got home I looked really good, and smelled super awesome.
My mama even had some cheese and crackers out on the kitchen counter just for me when I got home. She knows I love the fancy goat cheese with sun dried tomato and basil!
The gluten-free crackers weren’t my favorite, but I ate some just to be polite since some people had some on little plates on their laps that I figured were meant for me… I didn’t want to be rude.
Some people sure are surprised when I show them my trick where I can jump up tall and kiss them right on their faces! I like to surprise people with my love like that; people need more love. And tongue. Everyone needs more tongue.

— at Sellwood Riverfront Park.


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