Bob King Diaries; o4.27.2o18 @ 00:27

Bob presents as a charming mix: equal parts Pleasantly Confused Gentleman, and Wiseacre
Neurologist:   Mr. King, are you right, or left, handed?
Bob:    (pause)… Yes.

This takes place during  an assessment following a most uncharacteristic afternoon and evening for Bob. With the only forewarning being a mild complaint of “the sniffles” for a few days, Bob curled up on his bed after lunch, and remained there for several hours. Slowly becoming febrile, then skipping his supper, he became pretty ill in a short period of time, catching everyone (himself included, I suppose) quite off guard.
In fact ~ we realized later that he had become incontinent of urine (a first), and vomited on himself without ever letting anyone know.

IMG_8618Bob’s fever, weakness, immobility, and confusion, ended up buying him a fancy ride to visit The Sisters of Providence.

Settling in for a night of observation.
Spending the night, as Bob does not do well in unfamiliar surroundings.
The only solid info confirmed: +Human Metapneumovirus (a close viral cousin of Avian pneumovirus).
For extra fun, some elevated troponin labs are detected, and a few other things pointing to Congestive Heart Failure.
Bob has asked hospital staff to call him “Robert,” which is totally his prerogative, yet baffling. He has always preferred “Bob,” no matter the setting.

Meanwhile, there was a Potluck dinner back at Chez Blapplegate… heard it was excellent food, delightful company, and apparently HH performed a Sneaky Preview of his upcoming piano recital piece. Something involving Billy Joel.
Was sorry to have missed it, but sometimes the Kristin & Bob King Show needs to take precedence.
(Random side note: I later learn that there had been some Penis P
asta, flown in fresh from Italy. Really? This I miss?)

I was finally able to get some po intake for myself, after the hospital cafeteria re-opened for the Midnight – 03:30 supper crowd. And I must say, it was surprising how quickly the old NOC Shift Nurse in me was revived. I was back in my old element. I still had it in me.



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