Bob King Diaries; o3.o4.2o18

Bob King Diaries; o3.o4.2o18
Bob had “too many” visitors last week.
Home Health PT, OT, RN.

Sunday morning call:
Bob: Hello, Apple’s cell!
Me: Heya, Pops! How’s the morning?
Bob: Oh, the usual. Time keeps passing.
Me: Are you accepting visitors today?
Bob: No.
Me: Not even me?
Bob: Oh, you’re not a visitor.
You’re an… intruder.
Me: Oh, I see.
Well, I have some chocolate for you that I got on sale at Safeway. I was going to bring it by.
Bob: Well, that’s another matter!

Upon my arrival, Bob was sitting in his recliner. One of our favorite old movies, Born Yesterday (1950), was on the tele.
I filled his candy dish with Hershey’s Kisses, and plopped down on his bed to watch.
And all was right in our world.


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