Self Soothing Behaviors


My job is stressful. Pretty much every aspect of my life is stressful.
Every day I drive to work, wondering when I can fit in my next visit to my father.
~ I have him situated in a very nice adult family care home, which is somewhat conveniently located in the midst of a triangle formed by my house, and the 2 hospital locations that I bounce back and forth between.


I’m a person who does better when I write things down. Words, drawings… mapping things out helps me get through life.
If I can somehow frame something within the boundaries of a piece of paper ~ there may be hope for me to survive another day.
Seems fitting that I ended up becoming an Oncology Nurse Navigator.

Non-pharmacological interventions for stress relief
Prior to heading out from my home in SE Portland, I make a trip to the backyard oasis that has been created by Mr. Blitch. I visit my Marigold (aka my therapy chicken), and snip some fresh Rosemary. I keep it in a glass in my car console.
The 18 mile car commute is eased by the smell of rosemary oil on my fingers.
Once I make it to my main job location, I can settle in ~ check my messages and the incoming referral line, make a few hard calls.

On my break ~ assuming there will be one at some point of the day ~ I head to the hospital Healing Garden.
I will always be rewarded there by some kind of tremendous beauty.








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