Expectation Management: Further Thoughts

Oregon Coast Study & Wellness Week: Day 3


I was awakened around O430 this morning by the song of howling winds. Kind of a firm, yet gentle nudging from Mother Nature to get my ass out of bed and start the day off right with some stretching and some early morning studying.

I see from the the weather report, that today will feel like 46° ~~ which is a nice improvement from much of yesterday which felt like 43°.

A note about Oregon Coast beaches: the signs and warnings? They’re there for a reason. I went for a late afternoon beach walk while my husband was napping the other day, and noted that the beach was absolutely empty. Not a soul in site.

It was also high tide, and this particular area is known for Sneaker Waves. I walked along the narrow strip between the boulder embankment and the incoming shoreline, with raindrops pelting my face. Thinking enviously of my friends who are vacationing in Hawaii this week, I came to my senses and realized where I was, like or or not, and that perhaps a walk through the semi-deserted Spring Break coastal town was a safer & wiser option.


That’s a wool poncho I’m wearing in the photo. I purchased it up in Vancouver, B.C. this last winter. I wear this on the beach here in Oregon, rather than a swimsuit, and you are all welcome.

I will save the bathing suit frolicking photo for the time, if & when, I ever make it to Hawaii.

So, it’s going well. I’m studying. I’m eating healthy, I’m getting some (brisk) walks in each day.
I’m rationing out a few hours here and there for my long-neglected, ever-patient, and supportive spouse.

Yesterday we took a back country drive along the Kilchis River. My husband is an avid fly fisherman, sadly here for a few days sans casting rod. He wanted to at least see some parts of the area he’s not fished before.

Soundtrack provided by yours truly.



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