Unwanted Pies

Bob King Diaries; 11.12.2o16.

Bob’s daughter went to the Farmers Market for fresh eggs for her family and for one of her sweethearts who is undergoing cancer treatment. She decided to pick up a market stand berry pie to take to Bob’s adult foster care home for everyone there to share.

And vanilla ice cream. She had the audacity to also purchase some ice cream for the pie.
It was not on sale. She paid full price.

She dropped the desserts off at the care home.
She stayed for a while and visited with her father, went for a walk with him in his beautiful new neighborhood.
Autumn leaves were everywhere: goldenrod, rust, honey, bronze, and amber shades of fall.

On her way home, her father called. He said he needed to tell her how much it upset him that she brought things he neither needed, nor wanted.

“The pie?” she asked.
“Yes. And the ice cream,” he replied.
“The ‘Largess’ does not sit well with me,” he admonished.
Noted, Bob. Noted.

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