White Rice (Don’t Don’t Do It)


When I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, but before I learned about SCD, white rice was my ultimate comfort food.
I was dangerously underweight; my naturopath and I came up with a belly soothing recipe for weight gain: white rice, coconut milk, ginger and cumin.
I still salivate a little thinking about it…. so incredibly divine.
But, several years went by, and I was never able to quite get into full clinical remission. I lived with constant belly pain. For days, and weeks. Months and years. Pain every damn day.
Finally, I decided to try SCD, and while I was on that diet, I achieved remission for the first time since my diagnosis.
One of the hardest things for me to give up for this *grain-free* diet, was my coconut rice.
But I did, and like other comfort foods (sourdough bread, oatmeal), I’ve learned to live without them.
And recently, I’ve gotten more information that validates the omission of that longtime favorite:
In the context of a lecture at a conference on *Excellence in Breast & Gynecologic Care, I learned the following about white rice:1) White rice is basically CONGEALED GLUCOSE
2) Each daily serving of white rice is associated with an 11% increase in the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
3) For people who have insulin resistance, eliminating all rice, brown and white, may be the best option.

(*source: ‘Refined Carbohydrates and Insulin Resistance for the Cancer Survivor‘ (2015)
– Dr. Miles Hassell, Co-author of “Good Food, Great Medicine“)

Now, Crohn’s does not equal Cancer, nor does it equal Diabetes, but the parallels are undeniable. Cancer and autoimmune diseases are all various stages of what I like to call “Cells Behaving Badly.”
IBD involves Bad Behavior of cells, cancer is Cells Behaving VERY Badly.
Either way, I’m not happy about it. I still miss my rice.
Cravings for carbs can be intense. I hear Grandmaster & Melle Mel running though my mind…

My suggestion for a replacement? “Riced Cauliflower.”

There are many recipes, but the concept is simple:~ Steam a head of cauliflower

~ add some butter or ghee
~ mash up with garlic, salt & pepper
~ if you can tolerate hard cheeses, top with some grated Parmesan or Romano.



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